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We offer an easily customized SPD “wrap document” template and supporting documents free of charge to our clients so that they can easily meet the ERISA SPD requirements. Once employers fill in their information, this document can be distributed to plan participants along with your benefit booklet(s) for medical, dental, disability, life and other fully-insured welfare benefit plans. Please keep in mind that this wrap document has been drafted for fully-insured plans only. Self-insured clients should work with their TPA/legal counsel to ensure that a compliant SPD is distributed.


  • Is my plan subject to ERISA? – This document will explain what questions should be asked to determine whether a plan is subject to ERISA.
  • Employer FAQ – This document contains answers to frequently asked questions regarding Summary Plan Descriptions & ERISA Compliance.
  • Summary Plan Description Wrap Document for Fully Insured ERISA Plans – This wrap document, also referred to as a wrap plan, provides a plan sponsor with an ERISA compliant employee benefit welfare plan document and meets two important purposes. A wrap document wraps itself around, and incorporates by reference, the insurance certificates, policies, contracts, booklets and other benefit descriptions provided by insurance carriers to comply with the required content under ERISA. The wrap document can also group all the benefit plans together to form one plan. This results in a reduction of Form 5500 filings (if applicable).
  • Employer Cover Letter – This letter can be customized and used when distributing updated SPDs to employees.
  • Electronic Distribution Guidelines for ERISA Documents – This document provides details on the requirements that must be met if you wish to distribute ERISA notices (including Summary Plan Descriptions) electronically.


If you have any questions regarding the wrap document or ERISA Compliance, please contact a member of the Brown & Brown Employee Benefits Team at 586-977-6300.


Please note that Brown & Brown is an independent agency. All final determinations regarding ERISA compliance should be made by your legal counsel or a legal professional.