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  • Doing the Job Right; No One Will Know

    No one can forget the tragic events of September 11, 2001.  The truly devastating events of that day have permanently changed us all.  Imagine for a moment, someone had prevented the attacks of September 11. Would anyone even know to give that person “credit”?

    Before the attacks, it is feasible someone could have identified the vulnerability of planes/pilots/passengers because of lax cockpit restrictions.  After convincing the FAA and the airlines of the risk, all airlines immediately required locks and access protocols to prevent any intrusion into the cockpits.  Would we all celebrate that “solution” to the risk exposure?  Is it possible we would have proclaimed (someone) prevented the worst terror event on US soil?

    No.  Most likely, the new procedures would be criticized, pressured and be associated with increased costs to the consumers.  No one would even know the name of the person(s) involved, perhaps it would have been coined into a phrase that would now provide negative connotations (i.e. TARP, Too-Big-to-Fail, Obama-Care).

    In our profession, risk management and insurance solutions, we work with businesses to manage risk/exposures that could cause disruption in their businesses, where disruption costs money.  Some issues are smaller while others can be catastrophic, eliminating the business, its jobs and greatly impact local communities (a specific business’ own version of a “September 11” event).

    The good agent/consultant helps in businesses in two ways: properly structuring the insurance contract and providing ongoing advice/suggestions to prevent “issues” from occurring.

    When the agent performs these two critical functions correctly, the results are less incidents & less claims for businesses.  Also, the claims that do involve insurance are properly covered and managed to meet or exceed client expectations.

    Yet most of our clients strongly dislike the industry offering financial protection & advice.  Unfortunately, the client’s most common way a learning a good agent from a bad is often after an uncovered claim or when multiple incidents have caused huge increases in insurance costs (missing proactive advice to prevent frequency of incidents).

    Regardless of the “thankless” proposition of our jobs at times, we are 100% committed to doing our very best for our clients.  We have organizational mantras reinforcing our diligence: taking the long way, most often the best way is the hardest way, relentless pursuit of perfection.  To us, it’s the only way.

    We 100% believe in working harder than most agents, asking better questions, saying “no” to large clients, sometimes even advising against that $1,000,000 contract because of the risks, exposures, extremely detrimental terms and conditions.

    Why again? We believe we are on the terror-event-prevention team for our clients.  We will structure the insurance contracts the right way.  We will do the right thing, for the client. We will learn what the clients are looking to accomplish and help offer advice for more profitability.

    And no one will really know we are doing it right.

    by Brian Pilarski

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      Doing the Job Right; No One Will Know