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  • Going Green

    Green construction has grown rapidly over the past ten years. As sustainable design has gained traction, many design professionals have Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification in mind when designing new buildings.  Fortunately, there has not been much pushback from insurers indicating they don’t want to insure sustainable design. For the most part, underwriters see the trend toward green as positive. In fact, insurers consider green buildings better risks that offer a healthier work environment, which can lower workers compensation claims.  Companies trying to capitalize on its benefits must understand the unique risks they face to determine what specialty insurance is needed and its related costs. Insurers do offer coverage in this area, typically in the form of added endorsements, rather than through a separate “green” policy. However, some gaps in coverage may remain, which means risk managers and those overseeing such projects must proceed with caution.

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      Going Green