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  • Lessons Learned: Open Enrollment 2018

    By Tricia Godin, Employee Benefits Advisor

    Many employers who offer health benefits have completed their annual open enrollments for 2018. Of these businesses, how many have had a meaningful discussion and debrief on what worked, and what may not have worked well?

    If the employer used a benefit administration platform, how did it perform? The most valued agent acts as liaison between the employer and the technology company to troubleshoot and tackles issues as they arise.

    Did the technology truly make the “shopping” experience easy to understand and easy to navigate for the employees? Personalization of benefits offerings continues to trend, along with intuitive decision making technologies. Offering choice in medical plans and a variety of voluntary products continues to be a valuable strategy for employers who wish to attract and retain talent.

    Surveying the employees on the recently completed enrollment in a timely fashion also helps target enhancement opportunities. Which areas need improvement or elimination? As an employer, are you engaging the employees in the best way possible, or are there ways to streamline communication and education even more?

    A thorough debrief of open enrollment lays the foundation for the upcoming plan year. It may be necessary to adjust the process, consider plan design changes, and review the chosen carriers and products offered. Proactive planning in the interest of minimizing challenges and headaches for both the employer and employees needs to be the gold standard for wrapping up each annual open enrollment. What better time than now?

    It’s never too early to work with an advisor to improve your benefits program. Contact Brown & Brown of Detroit at 586-977-6300 for a comprehensive review!

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      Lessons Learned: Open Enrollment 2018