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  • Let’s Talk Heath Insurance, Part II

    by Max Rispler

    Who is Brown & Brown?

    Brown & Brown has been in business for almost eighty years, solving employee benefit problems for clients around the country. We focus on the future of our clients’ health insurance plan and costs. With recent acquisitions, such as Hays Company, we can further our knowledge and collaborate to help both small and large groups. We have decentralized offices around the country that can help clients in almost every major city. This would not be possible without the national strength of being the sixth largest insurance broker with over $2 billion of revenue. We continue to grow each year with new acquisitions, but we remain loyal to servicing our clients locally. We think global but act local.

    How can we help you (the client) solve your employee benefit problems?

    Plan Designs: Brown & Brown can serve any client’s specific individual needs. We mold self-insured, level-funded, and fully insured plans to fit each situation in order to change the way your employees manage their healthcare. Our plans can include Medical, Dental, Vision, Disability, Pharmacy, Life, FSA, HSA, HRA, Pets, and any other benefits that a client wants to provide or offer to their employees. Our focus is on relieving those pain points that occur with employee benefits.

    Consumer (Employee) Behavior: Consumer driven health care can stop those health insurance rate increases and, in most cases, reverse them. This is a process that occurs over a couple years with the expertise of our employee benefit advisors. By setting up the right plan design, we can now help change the overutilization of healthcare that runs rampant throughout most companies. There will also need to be a change in the way employees see their personal health. Incentives and/or disincentives allow for the population health to change for the better. We can set up wellness programs to help employees start to take care of themselves. Our tiered drug plans reduce drug costs for employees. Generic drugs can work for most situations, and it will help to chip away at excess costs.

    Data Analytics and Customer Service: Our dedicated employee benefit team help fight for you against wrongful claims and excess costs that doctors/hospitals sneak into claims. We shed light on confusing claims with our years of experience in the industry. Our data analytics allow us to find centers of value for employees to get the best value, quality, and cost for anything in healthcare. It is surprising to know that cost and quality are inversely correlated. Studies show that the lower the cost the better the quality. We ensure your employees are fully informed with up to date data analytics and third-party resources.

    Compliance: Insurance is an ever-changing industry. Our employee benefit team is up to date on anything involving ACA/healthcare reform. We keep companies updated on what changes are currently happening and in the pipeline. You can trust that our team will make sure everything is compliant and relieve the headache that employee benefits can cause for human resources.

    Technology: We live in exciting times where new technology is changing the industry as well. It is now much easier to see the doctor with access to carriers that provide telemedicine. Our advisors stay up to date on new technologies as they become available. This allows clients to utilize new ways to save money. This allows clients to improve communications of benefits to their members and educates them on new ways to save money. With the acquisition of Hays Company, we have a new benefits mobile app that can be created for each company. This app allows easy access to their personal health information and the plan they are enrolled in. It is personally tailored to each client’s individual needs.

    Why choose Brown & Brown of Detroit?

    Our reputation speaks for itself. We take care of our clients first and solve problems to efficiently and effectively change improve their benefit offerings. We prove that we are different than other insurance brokers. Our offices around the country can service any size company and set up any resources needed to assist our clients. Brown & Brown is about to introduce EBTech that will help service our clients in real time. Employees will have easy access to this site that is built personally to fit each individual client’s needs. Our new Benefit Hub provides employees exclusive product offering at a discount. Our teammates are always available to answer any of your questions. Give us a call now to learn more about how we can help you enjoy great benefits with better renewals!

    Max Rispler Employee Benefits Advisor

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      Let’s Talk Heath Insurance, Part II